From Microsoft ’95 to the iPad mini – “Generational Marketing” is All About Music, Music, Music!

When Microsoft launched Windows ’95 in a TV commercial, they used a Rolling Stones song, “Start Me Up”, to appeal to the two generations being marketed to – Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.  Microsoft also added a touch of MTV-style choppy editing to appeal to Gen X’s childhood.  The result – the generationally-targeted outreach was wildly successful.

So, when Apple kicked off its new iPad mini, they didn’t mess with success.  They appealed to two generations – Gen X and Gen Y (Millennials) – using the type of communication they value – high visuals, little or no copy, and a song that connects … “Heart and Soul” – everyone’s first successful piano attempt!

And, for its YouTube kick-off of the iPad mini, Apple combined Millennials’ love of color and customization with another catchy tune.

Cutting-edge companies make sure their product launches connect musically with the generations they are trying to reach.