Why Millennial Women Matter!

Millennials, aka Gen Ys, were born between 1982 and 2000. Today, they number about 80 million men and women and account for a quarter of the population of the United States.

Like all generations, millennials are shaped by the historic events that occur during their formative years. These historic events create generational characteristics that will be tempered by age and current events but will otherwise stay with a generation through its lifespan. Millennials’ characteristics forever impact their values, attitudes, lifestyles, and priorities.

There are almost 40 million millennial women. To put that number into perspective, there are more millennial women than there are Canadians, Australians, or North Koreans!

Why do millennial women prefer to shop at, and work for, certain types of companies? How can businesses successfully attract, motivate, and retain these women as employees? And, how can marketers capture this coveted demographic? The answer is simply this. You must understand what drives them and then figure out how your company culture, your products, and your services fit in with the millennial woman’s lifestyle.

Let’s go one step further. Which methods of communication and social media does the millennial woman prefer? Which companies are already making a sincere connection with her? What do millennial women expect from the businesses they interact with?

If your product or service doesn’t meet with the millennial woman’s lifestyle, there no amount or type of marketing that will change that. But, if there is a match, learning more about the millennial woman will give you a decisive edge with a generation that is redefining the American woman and influencing every aspect of American business.

(from Marketing to the Millennial Woman by Ann Arnof Fishman)