Millennial Women Want You to Market With Them, Not To Them!

Technology greatly impacted the millennial woman’s formative years. She doesn’t know life without the internet, text messaging, and instant messaging. She is used to responding to contests, reality TV eliminations, and opinion polls.

As a result, the millennial women expects an interactive, hands-on approach from businesses. She wants you to market with her, not to her. She craves this hands-on connection and wants to be part of your marketing campaigns and product development.

Which company gets it best?

Frito-Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” marketing campaign lets customers send in suggestions for three new potato chip flavors each year. The top three selected by Frito-Lay are then produced and sold in stores. Finally, customers pick the top one by purchasing that flavor the most!

You don’t have to be a mega-company to try this. For mom-and-pops, have customers place suggestions in a goldfish bowl. The suggestion used wins that lucky customer a shopping spree in your store.

(From “Marketing to the Millennial Woman”)