What’s on your mind? How your generation affects your decisions.

Money, bells, and whistles won’t win the hearts of American consumers. But, learning about a generation’s values, attitudes, and lifestyles can win business, increase customer loyalty, and enhance your ability to spot trends.

America’s six generations are quite different in what they like, what they don’t like, and what causes them to make up their minds about products and services. Good marketing includes some common traits, but, when it comes to decision-making time, what touches the head and heart of a Baby Boomer will not necessarily connect with Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z.

Understanding generations helps you make sincere connections to unique generational values, attitudes, and lifestyles. Can you write copy that appeals to Millennials; name three generational characteristics of Gen X (a generation that has a powerful influence on what other generations buy); plan a marketing strategy that is multi-generational; and create commercials, ads, and direct marketing as well as products and services that hit a targeted generation?

Get to know Americans through their history-based generational characteristics. Why? These characteristics stay with a generation throughout its lifespan, only to be tempered somewhat by age and current events.