Millennial Women and Technology

Millennials have changed women’s attitudes toward technology, math, and science.

In the past, technology studies and occupations were dominated by males. Times have changed. Now, millennial women are drawn to tech companies and tech jobs.

The Federal Government encourages students to pursue studies in technological fields in part because the threat of terrorism has led to the need for jobs in cyber security.

Television also promotes women’s interests in science with network and cable shows featuring women in prominent roles. TV’s trend of focusing on scientific subjects has created strong female role models such as NCIS’ agent millennial Ellie Bishop and forensic scientist Abby Sciuto.

The primary technology driver, however, is capitalism. In the information age, tech entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Google and Intel offer scholarships to tech-minded young men and women. L’Oréal develops opportunities for women scientists by offering grants.

Millennials are redefining the image of the American woman and she is definitely tech-savvy!

(From Marketing to the Millennial Woman)