Millennials and Job Training

More than any other generation in American history, most millennial employees do not understand their responsibility to the companies for whom they work. Issues with discretion are commonly a challenge for younger generations, but it’s worse with millennials. For marketers and businesses that employ millennials, guiding them begins on day one.

Millennial employees:

  • who represent you must be trained in what is appropriate both inside and outside the company.
  • need coaching in good manners and etiquette, both personal and professional.
  • should not have access to private information until it is clear they can be trusted.
  • who work in critical or sensitive positions must have thorough background checks to ensure your trade secrets will be protected [Example: Edward Snowden.]
  • have a short attention span, so break down long assignments into smaller segments.
  • need constant praise, given that they are accustomed to getting sports trophies just for participation, not achievement.
  • don’t understand that they are out in the real world facing real-world demands.

(from Marketing to the Millennial Woman)