EYE on GEN Y – Will “The Hunger Games” change Gen Y women’s self-image?

There are certain flashpoints that can impact a generation forever.

For example, Gen Y young women have a new self image — sexy, savvy, and physically strong. After all, they were the first U.S. generation to have full advantage of Title IX, legislation passed during the Nixon years, which mandated that young men and young women have equal opportunities in sports in any institution taking Federal money.

“The Hunger Games” may be another event that has a profound effect on how younger Gen Y women define desirable body image. ¬†http://www.ctpost.com/local/article/Hunger-Games-sparks-latest-round-of-body-image-3464921.php

The days of the anorexic catwalk-er as role model may be over.  Here come Katniss Everdeen!