“Millennials in the Workforce” need privacy!

Well, you wouldn’t think that a generation that craves going public – via Facebook, YouTube, and Path – would want privacy in the workplace.

But, Gen Ys, aka Millennials, need their “space” so that they will not become overwhelmed by the amount of messages that constantly bombard them.  Even though this generation grew up in a 500-channel universe, multi-tasks like crazy, and juggles smart phones, tablets, laptops, et al., they have developed ways to avoid stimulus overload.  For example, ever sat on a plane next to a Gen Y who keeps earbuds in during the entire flight so they don’t have to listen to you?

Herman Miller, visionary furniture manufacturer, recognized that Gen Ys/Millennials need “privacy in public space” to function at peak.  So, they recruited industrial design students to solve the workplace problem of how to make an open-plan office a bit more private.

And, just look at one of the never-before-envisioned results.