Want “Millennials in the Workforce” to stay with your company? Then, don’t read this Time article!

The goal of handing out generational insight to the business world is to help employees and employers build on the unique values, attitudes, and lifestyles of different generations in order to create the best workforce possible.

So, when I read Time’s Moneyland article entitled “How to Know Whether You Should Switch Employers”, I thought it was a perfect example of how NOT to help Gen Y employees nor their bosses work well together in a multi-generational workplace.

The article is a simple laundry list that could almost apply to any young person of any generation – and I doubt there’s a Gen Y out there who doesn’t know this stuff already.  For example:

Why you should stay with your employer:

It’s going to be very challenging finding a new job. Sometimes you just need to be happy with the job you have because so many people are unemployed….


Why you should change employers:

Your relationship with your boss is toxic. If you and your manager don’t get along and you’ve tried everything possible to create a strong working relationship, then it might be time to leave….

There was one moment of great insight into the mindset of Gen Y that could help bosses meet the needs of valued Gen Y employees and therefore, attract them, motivate them, and retain them:

In the Experience.com study, 54% believe that career advancement opportunities are more important than salary. The number one reason they are changing employers is because they aren’t advancing fast enough.

The fact is – Gen Ys would like to find a workplace that they could stay with for quite a while, and employers would like to have all that training time and money put to good use by knowing how to retain their best Gen Y employees.