“Millennials in the Workforce” and Manners? – You’ll be surprised!

Older generations sometimes like to accuse younger generations of being rude.

But, the popularity of etiquette gurus, social advice bloggers, and YouTube manners experts tells quite a different story.

Take for example the depth, breath, and width of these popular videos and blog entries:

  • A YouTube tutorial on how to shake hands
  • A video called “Don’t Be That Guy at the Gym,” viewed 3 million times since April 2012
  • Advice ranging from how to act at a drive-in window or a nude beach to how many baby photos to post on Instagram
  • Suggestions on the number of times you can text a date before you’re considered a stalker
  • Proper protocol on whether or not to use emoticons in business email
In fact, younger generations – Millennials and Gen Xers – wonder about the manners of older generations. ¬†After all, many park grocery carts in the middle of aisles or don’t check email or texts at regular intervals. ¬†:-/