America’s Latest Addiction: “Millennials and Social Networking”

Teenage-girls send and receive 165 text messages in an average day, according to Pew Research Center.

So, is the Millennial Generation’s “text addiction” good or bad?

Huffington Post’s William Bigelow writes a compelling story …

detailing the compulsive behavior of one typical 14-year-old girl with regard to social networking and the addiction that consumes her.  Describing Casey Schwartz as a “digital native,” the article relates Casey’s flitting between various media sites, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Casey received a toy computer when she was 18 months old, a cellphone in second grade, and now has a white iPhone 4S.

If I’m not watching TV, I’m on the phone.  If I’m not on my phone, I’m on my computer.  If I’m not doing any of those things, what am I supposed to do?

Text addiction has huge implications:

  • In the world of business, word of mouse marketing in now the new normal.
  • In the social world, digital Millennials are already losing some of their ability to read other people’s body language.
  • In the world of tomorrow, young people, who get the experiences they need to value creativity, can combine creativity and digital prowess, thus enabling America to keep its edge in a world where innovation rules.