“Millennials in the Workforce”: It’s a rough time to be a young person in America today.

So, what’s it like to be a young person in America today? ┬áThat’s important to know because the historical events that occur during a generation’s formative years can affect its values, attitudes, and lifestyle.

Here’s a pretty good quote from Evan Feinberg, one of the first Millennials (Gen Ys) to run for Congress:

It is a rough time to be a young person in America. The effective youth unemployment rate is 16.1%, and with about 2 million college students graduating this month, there is no sign of an economic recovery for my generation. Half of all graduating seniors aren’t going to find meaningful work in the coming months. And it isn’t like politicians care — they spent this week pushing an Internet sales tax which hits our generation hardest. Reckless policies coming from Washington continue to prevent the next generation from prospering.

This generation grew up feeling empowered, wanting success for themselves and for others. Originally service-oriented, now Millennials are quickly becoming a generation of happy capitalists in order to obtain the power and resources they need to help others.