“Millennial Trends” – Let’s Learn Chinese!

If you want to understand a certain generation, you study:

  • its past – what were the historical events that influenced its values, attitudes, and lifestyles?
  • its present – do you understand what a generation’s doing right now? and,
  • its future – what will a generation have to face down the road so that you can help them be ready?

Take Millennials, for example:

Its past – During its formative years, Millennials were introduced to the world through the Internet. So, they think globally.

Its present – Millennials are learning foreign languages in order to better connect with people from other countries.

Its future – China will be the primary driver of global GDP for the next five decades.

Diane Sawyer and ABC News take a look at children learning Chinese in Macon, Georgia.

Do note that the children in this video are Generation 9/11 (12 and younger) so there’s a unique 9/11 generational twist to language learning:

Its past – Generation 9/11s grew up in a world of kidnappings, Columbine, and terrorism.

Its present – Their parents and grandparents are protective.

Its future – Even though other countries like France have sent teachers to the U.S. to teach its language, Generation 9/11 parents will make sure that China is only teaching Chinese.