How to Predict “Generational Trends”.

Research tells us people are shaped by what they’ve lived through, by the historical forces that occurred during their formative years.

These historical forces create generational characteristics, characteristics that stay with people throughout their lives – and thus, influence a generation’s values, attitudes, and lifestyles.

For example, people who lived through the Great Depression tend to be thrifty. People who lived during the Viet Nam era tend to question authority.

And, our youngest generation, Generation 9/11, whose formative years include Amber Alerts, Columbine, and, of course, the events surrounding 9/11, are over-protected at home, at school, and in society.

Children who are over-protected to that extent will tend to avoid risks and will become a generation of conformists as adults.

I’m not trying to tell you that without exception, everyone in a given generation is alike, but, bottom line … and most of the time … we are influenced by what we live through during our formative years.