Does the hotel industry know who’s sleeping in their beds? It’s “Millennials”!

According to a new survey, Generation Y travelers, aka Millennials, are the hotel industry’s new darlings.

A study of hotel guests is making the news rounds this week with its conclusions that Generation Y travelers (age 24-36) comprise 33% of hotel guests who booked online compared to 23% Generation X (age 37-48) and 29% Baby Boomers (age 49-67).The other 15% are split between 5% Seniors (age 68+) and 10% Generation Z (age 18-23).


Stats are interesting, but knowing what makes Gen Ys click (literally and figuratively) is critical to the hotel/travel industry.

For example, Gen Ys are a social generation that tends to move in packs of friends. Are you offering small group discounts?