The two best ways to get to know “Millennials”!

Want to get inside the minds of Millennials quickly?

Here are two good ways:

1. Watch 29-year-old actress Emily Wickersham portray the new female lead – Ellie Bishop – in the TV series NCIS! She’s irritating, bright, a know-it-all, loves to work sitting on the floor with her papers scattered all around her, and tells the other members of the team how to solve any case at hand, in a sort of Perry Mason-ish outburst. She makes everyone else look and feel a bit old.


2. Read this frenetic but brilliant article by Zara Kessler called “Millennials know better”.

Here’s a sneak peak –

We’re the most educated generation in U.S. history and we don’t want careers in the business world. At the same time, many of us value job security. We can’t find old-school mentors. We don’t see eye to eye with our managers. We like them, but they’re not so sure about us. We think we deserve promotions. We want to be the boss. Some of us should be making more phone calls at work. Some of us text or answer calls or carry pets to job interviews. Others bring parents to job interviews. No, like, into job interviews.

Did I say parents? I meant peer-ents. Their helicoptering has doomed us: We can’t think for ourselves. We’re still proud of Mom’s baking recipe.

Millennials can fit into a workforce and add to it – if bosses and managers understand their strengths and challenges.