What you should know about “Millennials” in the workplace!

According to a recent study, Millennials – aka Gen Ys – have two distinct generational characteristics that seem to be in conflict in the workplace.

While millennials, or Gen Y (as they’re also called), may be known as the tech-infused generation, a recent study found that the majority of them crave more in-person collaboration with colleagues and less of what the current workplace paradigm serves up: a culture of emailing, texting and telecommuting.

The study overlooks the fact that Millennials are, as are all generations, multi-faceted. The more of their generational characteristics you know, the better you can manage their strengths and their challenges.

1. Millennials ARE digital citizens. They are lost without their smartphones, their tablets, their earbuds;


2. Millennials ARE social creatures. After all, they were raised being team-taught, team-graded, and participating in team sports.

These two characteristics are not in conflict, they are complementary. A generationally-savvy workplace – one that wants to keep its best Millennial workers – offers them a bit of both.