What If Batman and Superman Had Been “Millennials”?

I read two articles today on Millennials:

Nightmare Scenarios: What If Batman and Superman Had Been Millennials?


How even the stodgiest retailer can win over millennials

Skip the first article. It peaks at the title.

Read the second one. Great examples, both good and bad: Radio Shack, Men’s Warehouse, Nordstrom, and Urban Outfitters.

Best take-away from the “stodgiest retailer” article…

Aligning a retail strategy with millennials requires one to reconsider all elements of the shopping process: pre-store, in-store and post-store. The format must be appropriately engaging and fun, and – absolutely imperative – the relationship with millennials must continue long after they exit the doors. This nurturing retailer-shopper relationship is a fundamental transition from the previously accepted transactional experience.

I’m all for a good generational chuckle, but learning what Urban Outfitters and Nordstom are doing to attract attractive numbers of Millennial shoppers is much more satisfying.

Ann Fishman
The Bottomline Generationalist