“Education and the future of Millennials and Gen Xers” – is it relevant?

Yeh, billionaires Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg and Michael Dell quit college.

But, what about the rest of us?

A recent article in The Economist quotes Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institute which shows a different picture:

– 32% of male high-school graduates with no further formal education are in the workforce between ages 62 to 74, compared to 65% of men with a professional degree.

– The ratio for women is 25% to 50%.

The article goes on to state:

Higher-skilled workers…tend to be paid more which gives them an incentive to keep working. They are also on average healthier and longer-lived, so they can work and earn past 65 and still expect to enjoy the fruits of that extra labour later on.