The 5 top rules for “negotiating with Gen X”

Rule #1 – Be honest. Xers have been bombarded with marketing messages all their lives and they know hype when they hear it.

Rule #2 – Be fair. I notice the word “fair” being used in their everyday language with increasing regularity. Xers have been overlooked at every stage in their lives – at home, as children of divorce; at work, as Baby Boomers neither mentored nor advanced them; and, in society, where Boomers and Millennials got all the attention. Xers just want to be treated fairly.

Rule #3 – Use facts to support your cause. Xers respect logical thinking and facts to back up what you’re trying to achieve.

Rule #4 – Be brief. This generation gets tired of talk, quickly.

Rule #5 – Don’t address too many issues at one time. Xers have always been under an unusual amount of stress. Focusing on one issue at a time reduces stress.

  1. Kristen |

    Amen! Can’t stress the “fairness” point above enough! Unfortunately, Xers have always felt “second fiddle” to Boomers and Millennials, since we are a much smaller group than the other two. And as for Point #1, we can spot marketing jargon or spin on a subject a mile away…don’t try to BS us…you will instantly lose your credibility.