“Women in the Workforce”? What do Millennial men think about it?

According to a recent article on forbes.com:

… Millennial women outnumber men in college classrooms, are on the verge of closing the pay gap (at least temporarily) and … they rank high-achieving careers as a bigger life priority than do their male counterparts …

Again from Forbes, Millennial women are matching or outearning their male partners and almost a quarter of Millennial women are the primary breadwinners of their families.

Do these stats threaten Millennial men? Not at all!

According to a survey by moving company Mayflower Transit, 72% of Gen Y (Millennial) men would move for the sake of their wives’ careers.

A survey from Working Mother Research Institute revealed that almost half of Millennials saw their mothers work outside the home and seemed proud of it.

As Forbes contributor Maureen Henderson put it, Young men see career gender equality as their new normal…”