10 “Millennial websites” that rock!

It’s not enough to have a website or a blog these days. Millennials expect something with personality, pizazz and purpose.

According to forbes.com, here are the ten best websites for Millennial women in 2013!

rookiemag.com targets the interests of teenage girls.

hercampus.com enables college women to write about anything, from decorating college dorm rooms to dating tips.

20nothings.blogspot.com has thoughts from Jessie Rosin who shares her adventures on the road to 30.

internsushi.com helps showcase talent and find jobs.

ed2010.com helps young wannabe magazine editors learn about the industry.

girlswhocode.com informs women interested in computer science about programs, clubs and networks.

heragenda.com offers information about conferences, internships and job opportunities.

generationmeh.com offers business advice to Millennials.

quarterlette.com addresses both big problems and small problems, whatever keeps you up at night.

hellogiggles.com is similar – covering nail art to Israeli-Palistinian peace negotiations.

All these websites were founded and are run by young women.