To Job-hunting Millennials: You are what you tweet!

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and former Chief Operating Officer of PayPal, believes that we are moving from the information age to the network age.

According to Mr. Hoffman, who was interviewed by Andy Kessler in the July 19/20 edition of The Wall Street Journal , we are now identified by the sum of all our communications, conversations and interactions.

“Your identity is now constituted by the network,” he says. “You are your friends, you are your tribe, you are your interactions with your colleagues, your customers, even your competitors. All those things come to form what your reputation is.” In short, you are no longer the only one in control of your résumé.

Savvy Gen Xers (ages 33 to 53) know to control what can be controlled. Gen Ys, aka Millennials, (ages 14 to 32) are digital natives who have gone viral with every aspect of their lives.

Milliennials’ digital history will come back to haunt them with each and every job search. Every tweet, post, and video will be part of their identity, their résumé, forever.