“Millennials in the Military” – The #1 reason Uncle Sam doesn’t want you!

More than two-thirds of Millennials would not quality for military service today, according to an article by Miriam Jordan in the Wall Street Journal (6/28/14).

Their health, behavior, and education just don’t make the grade!

Obesity is the #1 reason for rejection. The other reasons include: the lack of a high-school diploma; an inability to pass basic math and reading exams; felony convictions; and prescription-drug use for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

And, don’t forget the appearance factor: too many tattoos or large holes in the earlobes purposely created by a device called an ear gauge will also get military applicants turned down. That makes the rejection percentage number even larger.

The military has started a program called Operation:Readiness to seek solutions.

Without solutions to these generational weaknesses, the U.S. faces three problems:
– how to secure the U.S. without the necessary people power;
– how to give Millennials leadership training and other skills they learn in the military, and;
– how to provide young people with college educations that are paid for by the military for service rendered.

Millennials, Uncle Sam wants you. Shape up or don’t ship out!